Question What are the advantages of SUBITO LED candles and grave candles?


  • They shine much longer than paraffin or oil grave candles
  • The time of “burning” LED SUBITO grave candles with the use of one set of batteries is up to 120 days (2880 hours)

On average, in favourable weather conditions traditional paraffin refills burn from 1 to 4 days (from 20 to 100 hours).


  • SUBITO LED candles and grave candles are reusable
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Very long diode lifetime
  • Replacement batteries for SUBITO LED candles and grave candles are cheap and generally available
  • Universal dimensions allow use in various types of lanterns
  • Save time and money

Weather resistance

  • LED grave candle refills shine regardless of weather conditions
  • Resistant to wind, rain and frost


  • No open flames
  • No hot dripping wax
  • No stains on furniture and gravestones
  • No hazardous vapours that are created, among others when burning paraffin
  • No smoke


  • SUBITO LED grave candles are carefully and aesthetically made
  • SUBITO LED candles, made of plastic faithfully imitating wax, give the possibility to create a lot of interesting arrangements (decorations, lanterns)
  • The technical solutions applied produce the effect of a real candle flame (e.g. moving candle flame, flashing diode)

Question What is the LED technology?
AnswerLED (Lighting Emitting Diode) means an electroluminescent diode. The operation of the LED is based on a physical phenomenon called electroluminescence – the ability of certain materials and substances to emit light when powered.

Question Innovativeness of LEDs
AnswerDue to the growing popularity of LEDs, as a result of their high performance and many other advantages, the technology is constantly being improved. LEDs are used in a lot of new areas of life – and achievements to date seem to be only an introduction to further innovations.


Historia LED jest kontynuowana. Za sprawą rosnącej popularności diod LED, w wyniku ich wysokiej wydajności i wielu innych zalet, technologia jest nieustannie ulepszana. Diody LED wykorzystuje się w wielu nowych obszarach życia – a dotychczasowe osiągnięcia wydają się być jedynie wstępem do dalszych innowacji.